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Leadership Spotlight: Shayna M. Boston

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

The MRLA would like to welcomes Shayna M. Boston to their national steering committee. spotlight.

Title: CEO | Executive Manager | Executive Handler BostonFirst Administrative Management Services

BIO: Shayna M. Boston is the CEO & Owner of BostonFirst Administrative Management Services, Inc. (2014), A Virtual Assisting Firm, serving and supporting small businesses, busy professional and executive men and women. BostonFirst Events, Inc. (2014) A full-service event planning firm and BostonFirst Staffing Agency, Inc., a full service employment agency for employers and talent. The first and only black and female owned staffing agency in Swainsboro, GA. (2020)

Shayna is known for talents, as client dubbed, “The Behind The Scenes Queen,” taking viewers behind the scenes of the most prominent, exclusive and professional events, and “The Handler” for managing and organizing administrative operations for top executives, business owners, and coordinating/directing lavish and memorable events. Her clients are always blown away by her professionalism, endless capabilities, connections, knowledge of her craft and expertise. Having come from a family of entrepreneurs and high achievers ignites her determination to dominate the business world, her way.

She is a risk taker, go-getter, and has never been afraid of asking the question or receiving the answer. Because of her fearlessness she has interviewed and rubbed shoulders with the likes of National Recording Artists, Syleena Johnson, Kandi Burrus, Angie Stone, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and John Legend to name a few and have built solid business and personal relationships with elite executives around the world.

Her Story...

After deciding not to embark upon a career in education after her matriculation at Clark Atlanta University, I began to rely on her instincts and what I was taught. She knew that she had a love for business, but wasn’t sure what type of business she wanted to work in or own. In high school she utilized the work release program and worked as Secretary, as they were called at the time, at his insurance agency. She enjoyed the buzz of the office, shuffling of paper work and getting things done. As she reflected over my childhood and those experiences, "I signed up with a temporary staffing agency. As a contract worker I had the opportunity to work with fortune 500 companies, small business, woman owned business, private corporations and universities, said Shayna."

While working in various positions, she met my first business partner who shared the same passions which were weddings and administrative work. They realized that their office positions were responsible for not only managing the office and managers, but it was also to take care of planning and scheduling the holiday parties, town hall and staff meetings and employee trainings. They researched to see if there was such a career or service that combined office work and event planning. They found that there was such a thing and they were called VAs, Virtual Assistants. They were excited about this venture and formed BostonReid, Inc. They sought out business consultants who introduced them to the FastTrack program and they were off! They planned weddings and started helping small business owners with their administrative needs. As life would have it, things happen and life changes and they dissolved the company, on excellent terms, and they are STILL best friends today!

An opportunity presented itself for a move to Columbia, SC and Shayna resigned from her job, obtaining her first client and started her own business, BostonFirst Administrative Management Services, Inc. Well, as life would have it again, that client didn’t work out and she had to go back to traditional work and found out she was going to be a mom. She knew she could always consult with a temp agency to assist me with my search and sure enough it worked! She began working as an Executive Administrative Assistant for an engineering firm then to Benedict College, which changed my life. She knew coming to Columbia, she had a different mindset. Atlanta teaches you so much about how to grind, how to hustle and to take care of business. She knew what She had to do. She got an opportunity to work for another engineering firm, which turned out to be her last job as an EMPLOYEE. Don’t get it twisted, that transition was NOT planned, lol. She came to work one day with 40 hours and was told her position would go down to 10 hrs. per week. Out of nowhere.! She had some ideas of why, but it’s all irrelevant now. But what was relevant was that she lost everything! 2 story house, new car, etc. etc. LOST IT and she and her son moved back home to her hometown, Swainsboro, GA.

She never would have thought that living back in my hometown would be the thing that would change my life! She always felt that if I had to go home, "I failed." She could not have been more wrong. She was now forced into entrepreneurship, to kill what she ate. She was determined to win! Her boyfriend at the time made an investment in her to meet with a business coach. She promised him that she would double his investment. He believed in her, had the meeting, tripled his investment and she's been soaring ever since.

Shayna has been a full-time entrepreneur for 5 years. Since her return she has been getting into “good trouble.” Engulfed in community work with various organizations and agencies. She was named the newest Board member for the Department of Children and Family Services (2019). Most recently birthed BostonFirst Staffing Agency, Inc. It is the first and only black and female owned staffing agency in Swainsboro, GA.

Shayna attributes her success to God’s guidance, grace, mercy and favor, the solid educational foundation she received at Clark Atlanta University, where the motto is “Find A Way or Make One”, which rings in her heart daily and the determination to build a solid foundation and legacy for the love of her life, her son, Chase Michael Banks.

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