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Shayna Boston Announces Candidacy For Mayor

Shayna Boston is excited to formally announce her candidacy for Mayor.

With the encouragement of family, friends and numerous citizens coupled

with her desire to serve has reinforced her decision.

Shayna has dedicated her life’s work to fulfilling and she believes

that there is no better time than the present to focus her passion for

people and commitment to helping others.

“I am running for Mayor of Swainsboro because I believe our beloved

city deserves a fighting chance at experiencing a power surge in growth

through collaborative community development. This is a charge I am fully

prepared to keep by clearly defining and prioritizing the most pressing

needs of the people, spearheading executable plans, and remaining open

to innovation for collective forward progress.”

As a native daughter of the city, Shayna is no stranger to the

transformative past and beautiful future that awaits her awe-inspiring

hometown. Growing up in a Swainsboro, Ms. Boston not only understands

the needs of Swainsboro, but has worked tirelessly to master the skills,

business acumen and innovative solutions-based work ethic to unite,

inspire, empower and deliver real results for the betterment of


Living by the motto, “Find a Way or Make One,” Shayna has major

plans to apply youthful leadership, a unifying spirit and compassionate

love for people to make a new way for the citizens of Swainsboro,

Georgia as the city’s next mayor.

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