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I am honored, elated, and humbled by the opportunity to serve the beautiful people of my hometown and the entire 23rd District, where my roots are so deeply embedded. 


As the granddaughter of Desse D. Boston, Emanuel County's 1st African American Assistant Superintendent, I was taught very early on the importance of setting a high standard of excellence in all that I set my heart, mind, and hands to undertake. 


As a native daughter of Swainsboro, I am no stranger to the transformative past and beautiful future that awaits our awe-inspiring city. And now, as a proud mother, I am more aware of racial  and socioeconomic divides, that often stifle collective growth, promote educational disparities and hinder professional development. Since leaving the hallways of Swainsboro High School in 1999, I have worked tirelessly to master the skills, business acumen and innovative solutions-based work ethic to create amazing opportunities for myself and those that I work with. It is now my mission to couple what I know with my unwavering passion for people to unite, inspire, empower and deliver real results for the betterment of everyone. 


As a tenacious visionary, unrelenting unifier, faithful servant leader and fearless change agent, my dedication to seeing our hometown grow and prosper is my top priority, as District 23's next Senator.





These are but a few of the titles that Shayna Boston has dedicated her life’s work to fulfilling and she believes that there is no better time than the present to focus her passion for people and commitment to helping others realize their deepest desires & dreams by earning the honor of becoming Georgia District 23's next Senator.

Shayna is no stranger to the toil of hard work or the level of commitment required to overcome adversity and create a path of your own. After leaving Swainsboro for Atlanta in 1999 to pursue a degree in education from Clark Atlanta University, she knew that her professional passions did not lie in a classroom. Equipped with administrative skills developed during a high school work release program, Shayna decided to use her instinctual mind for business and dependability as someone who gets things done to work as a contractor with dozens of fortune 500 companies, private corporations, universities, small business and women-led organizations. She then received her Bachelor's Degree in Educational Studies from Clark Atlanta University in May 2023.

​It didn’t take long for Shayna to realize that her skill sets went beyond administration, as she was entrusted to coordinate large scale events and programs, all while ensuring operations ran seamlessly. Capitalizing on a working relationship with an equally effective colleague, they combined their strengths to establish BostonReid, Inc., an event planning & virtual assistant agency. Following tremendous success, the partners decided to amicably dissolve the business and pursue independent ventures.

In 2009, Shayna moved to Columbia, SC, where she established BostonFirst Administrative Management Services, Inc. and began working as an Executive Administrative Assistant for a prominent engineering firm and the historically-black university, Benedict College. Just as her professional career seemed to be at one of its highest peaks, her work hours were significantly reduced causing her to lose the sole means of caring for her son, her home, new car and countless other needs. Despite what seemed to be an insurmountable blow, Shayna relied on her faith and fervor for creating the opportunity to move back home to Swainsboro with her son and a dream. With a personal investment for a business coach, Shayna’s tenacity tripled the benefactor's initial share, leading to a soaring 7-year career in entrepreneurship.

​Since transitioning back home, Shayna has immersed herself into activism and community engagement by becoming a board member for the Department of Children & Family Services (2019) and 1st Vice Chair for the Emanuel County Democratic Committee. As a native daughter of the city, Shayna is no stranger to the transformative past and beautiful future that awaits her awe-inspiring hometown. Growing up in a Swainsboro where racial divides often stifled collective growth and professional development, Ms. Boston not only understands the needs of Swainsboro, but has worked tirelessly to master the skills, business acumen and innovative solutions-based work ethic to unite, inspire, empower and deliver real results for the betterment of everyone. Currently, as the CEO & Owner of BostonFirst Administrative Management, Shayna expertly assists top level executives and business owners in coordinating efficient business operations. When she is not creating opportunities and executing visions for her elite clientele, Shayna enjoys spending time with the love of her life, her son, Chase Michael Banks. Living by the motto, “Find a Way or Make One,” Shayna has major plans to apply youthful leadership, a unifying spirit and compassionate love for people to make a new way for the citizens of district 23, as the district’s next Senator.

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